Murickens Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which provides turnkey renewable energy solutions and as an industry leader in solar power , MG utilizes proven techniques and technologies while developing strategic partnership with other solar industry innovators throughout India. Murickens Group has introduced two Government registered trade brand names - "MG" and "Flyline".


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Flyline Offline UPS offers only the most basic features, providing protection and battery backup. When the incoming voltage falls below a predetermined level the SPS turns on its internal DC-AC inverter circuit,

which is powered from an internal storage battery. Filyline offline UPS then mechanically switches the connected equipment on to its DC-AC inverter. Although once previously reserved for very large installations of 10 KW or more, advances in technology have now permitted it to be available as a common consumer device, supplying 500 watts or less.The initial cost of the Online UPS may be slightly higher, but its total cost of ownership is generally lower due to longer battery. Off-line UPS are usually considered less sophisticated than other UPS products. During normal operation the power will flow straight through the unit, and if the input voltage fails or fluctuates outside pre-set tolerances the UPS will then feed battery power via an inverter.


► Fully automatic. ► Low power consumptions.► High voltage protection. ►Automatic voltage regulation. ► Cold start facility. ► Super fast changeover (less than 5 mille seconds). ► Low battery warning. ►Intermittent audio indication while UPS is working. ► Intelligent Charging System or long battery life. ► Maintenance free. ► Compact in size and attractive in design ► Built-in type and external battery models with different back-up times.


Offline UPS Model UPS-500 UPS-1000 UPS-1500 UPS-2000 UPS-3000
Power 750VA 1000VA 1300VA 2000VA 3000VA
Input voltage 12 V 12 V 24V 24V 48V
Output voltage 185V - 240V 190V - 240V 190V -240V 195V-240V 200V-240V
No load loss 1.50%
Output frequency 50 - 60Hz
Output wave Modified Sine Wave
Efficiency 95% 95% 95% 95% 95%
Battery Depending up on backup time we need
Change-over time Less than 5 mille seconds


Personal Computers, Modem, Fax Machines, Controllers, Security, Tele-communication. Available in the DLX Range of 500 VA, 750 VA,1000VA, 1300 VA 2000VA and 3000VA. Custom made Offline UPC Systems are available on demand.

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